Where It All Began

Established in 1946, Optoplast celebrates seven decades in the optical industry. Over the years Optoplast has been at the forefront of innovation and design, from the invention of the PIMO machine in 1951 which brought a new level of precision to the optical industry, to today using the latest CAD technology and 3D prototyping to push every design boundary. In 2009 Optoplast combined with Andrew Actman forming Optoplast Actman Eyewear Co. Ltd. The company continues Optoplast's tradition of exacting standards by monitoring all of its production using its Liverpool based UKAS accredited testing laboratory. Handed down through three generations, the company remains a family run business to this day, priding itself on inspirational designs, attention to every detail and commitment to the highest quality.

PIMO Machine invented in 1951

Our history


Optoplast Manufacturing Co.Ltd. established


We produced the first range of NHS optical frames


PIMO machine launched. Temples exported to 11 countries worldwide


We were the largest producers of spectacle frame sides in England


Daniel Thorn joined the company


We relocated to Liverpool and set up manufacturing


James Conway joined the company


We set up Optolab, our own UKAS accredited testing lab


Manufacturing frames in England began


Walter & Herbert, Made in England eyewear was launched


Walter & Herbert flagship showroom opened on Monmouth St, London